Team Competition


Team Championship Series

The Charleston Running Club hosts 4 road race events each year. Each event will have an event exclusive trophy designed for the event that we’ll add the name of the team with the largest participation to the base of the trophy each year after the race. This trophy will stay with the Charleston Running Club and be displayed each year at the corresponding event for that trophy.

Teams will score points based on their participation rank for each race.

1st – 100
2nd – 75
3rd – 50
4th – 25
5th – 10

At the end of the season, we’ll award the top team with a custom award based on total points earned throughout the year. In the event there is a tie in points, the tie breaker will be the team with the most members totaled throughout all four races.

Will your team be remembered each year for having the largest team at one of the events… or will your team take home the Championship Team Trophy?

Make sure to join your team during registration!!

Series Awards

Charlie Post Classic Award

2020’s winner to be determined January 25, 2020

Floppin' Flounder Award

2020’s winner to be determined June 6, 2020

Charleston James Island Connector Award

2020’s winner to be determined October 24, 2020

Bohicket Half Marathon & 5K Award

2020’s winner to be determined November 21, 2020

Championship Award

Team Championship Award

2020’s winner to be determined at the Bohicket Half & 5K

Series Leaders

Team Standings

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  2. TBD
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  5. TBD